Fri 22 October 2010 by fred

We have 4 open positions for internships:

  • Malicious hardware and USB: the purpose is to study the USB protocol and use it on a device (e.g. FPGA) to compromise a target host (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, iOS, Android).
  • Distributed brute force cryptanalysis: the candidate will have to develop a server and agents for the main OS, each agent being able to use both CPU and GPU to implement several kinds of bruteforce (markov chain, rainbow tables, and so on).
  • BIOS security: the goal is to study the security mechanisms embedded in modern BIOS, then use them to develop a BIOSkit.
  • Identity theft 2.0: the candidate will have to imagine how to create automatically a fake identity on the Internet, according to some specifications (e.g. schools and universities, hobbies, country, and so on).

If you are interested, send us a resume and explain in your mail what is your experience regarding the topic you pick, and in security in general.

Contact: intern (at)

Location: Paris (Issy les Moulineaux)