The lab team: thinking out of the box

The R&D lab team is part of the security center known as ESEC created by Sogeti, and part of Capgemini.

Our team is built upon 8 full-time engineers, all with strong technical and scientific skills. Each member is specialized in one or several areas. Thus, when you come to see us for a challenge, we build the best team possible to address it. Next, we focus on results for your problems.

Even if most of our missions are requiring very deep knowledge, we are aware computers are barely the only answer when it comes to security. That is why we also consider side constraints (HR, finance, legal, ...). Hence, we provide dependable and fitting results to our customers.

We save some time for our own research projects. The results we obtained then become either contributions to open source projects (see our github), or tools and services we deliver.This is this ability to create innovative solutions which allow us to address many problems in unexpected but efficient ways.

Last but not least: we enforce confidentiality for our customers. It starts by never disclosing who we work for. You can see some samples of our works through the conferences we give worldwide or through our articles. If needed, we can still talk about some results, which are our best references.


ESEC is the consulting agency in charge of security for Sogeti. It deals with all usual topics when it comes to security:

  • Audit of architectures or systems.
  • Pentesting, internal or external.
  • Certification and Common Criteria evaluation of software through the CESTI.
  • Security governance like risk analysis, legal and regulatory Compliances, IT
  • Strategy and Security Policy.
  • Business continuity, information system security dashboard, recovery plan and crisis management.


Sogeti is a world wide company, based in Europe, US, and in India. Sogeti's competences include Application Management, Infrastructure Management, High-Tech Engineering and Testing.