Low-level iOS forensics

Thu 28 June 2012 by jean

iOS filesystem encryption and data protection mechanisms are now well documented and supported by many forensics tools. iOS devices use NAND flash memory as their main storage area, but physical imaging usually refers to a "dd image" of the logical partitions. The iOS Flash Translation Layer for current devices is ...

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Forensics on Android phones and security measures

Fri 22 June 2012 by cedric

iPhone forensics has been well studied by lots of security people (and our team). Android is less looked at probably because there is less challenge for hackers (because of openness) and also because of the heterogeneity of devices. On mobile devices, forensics is possible as soon as you get code ...

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Passcode bypass of the HTC Desire Z using an unexpected feature of the bootloader

Sun 22 May 2011 by cedric

Android devices are becoming increasingly present everywhere. iPhone security has been analyzed by researchers -- however this is more difficult for Android devices due to the diversity of vendors and devices: each model has its own characteristics and has a unique combination of hardware and software. What will be discussed here ...

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