ESET CONFidence 2010 Crackme - WriteUp

Wed 01 December 2010 by JB

ESET proposed a crackme during the CONFidence conference. Challenge started on November, 29th and lasted two days. The goal was to find a valid username/serial combination. Challenge was won by Dmitry Sklyarov, from ElcomSoft. This article will present a solution for the crackme, and the steps needed to write ...

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Mon 29 November 2010 by jean

Here is the missing CTF write-up for the "seamonster" challenge. It was a Windows reverse engineering challenge, with a nice anti-debugging trick.

The challenge objective is to give "Ring3" the correct password to keep our ship afloat and get the gold ! Let's have a look at the ...

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Presentation at Reversing the Broadcom NetExtreme's firmware

Sun 21 November 2010 by guillaume

I was giving a talk in October during last session. The presentation focuses on the roadmap taken to reverse engineer the Broadcom Ethernet NetExtreme firmware family: building a firmware debugger, instrumentation tools, to finally develop a customized network card firmware.

NetExtreme family cards are the standard range of ...

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Tue 02 November 2010 by gabriel

Guillaume was giving a talk at the 2010 conference in Luxembourg, where we enjoyed to participate to the Capture The Flag. After intense competition against about 70 teams, we finally ended at the 1st place. Congratulations to FluxFingers who organized the CTF and did an impressive work, both ...

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Tue 02 November 2010 by damien

We attended this year in Luxembourg. This security conference is really nice and provides a Capture The Flag (CTF) contest organized by FluxFingers, the CTF Team of Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany).Here is the write-up of the challenge 16.

We were given a file named secret.pyc containing python ...

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Hack In The Box 2010 - Malaysia

Mon 25 October 2010 by cedric

Logo Jean-Baptiste, Jean and I were giving a talk at the HITB 2010 conference in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Jean-Baptiste was presenting his work on the analysis of DRM systems. Jean and I talked about the vulnerabilities found on the iPhone, and its security model. We will post shortly on these 2 ...

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REcon 2010 was really HOT!

Thu 15 July 2010 by alex

And I am not speaking about adult entertainment, but about the crash of the air conditioning system in the hotel during the whole conference. This issue apart, RECON perfectly applies a simple mojo: if you want to make a bunch of reversers happy, talk to them about reverse-engineering. The conference ...

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HITB Amsterdam 2010 quick thoughts

Mon 05 July 2010 by alex

Hi all,

Just last week, a few lucky people from our lab did attend the HITB Conference in Amsterdam (the first time for HITB in Europe!)

We had a really great time there.

Damien and Christophe gave a presentation about the subversion of the Windows 7 x64 kernel using DMA ...

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CanSecWest 2010

Wed 31 March 2010 by jj

We had the chance to assist to the CanSecWest 2010 IT security conference, which took place as every year in Vancouver, Canada.

This is a summary of the conferences we could attend to.

Internet Nails The first day started with a great rant of Marcus Ranum on how most of ...

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Retours sur BlueHat Fall 2009

Mon 02 November 2009 by JB

Voilà un résumé des conférences que j’ai pu voir à BlueHat, les 22 et 23 octobre 2009. Les conférences qui m’ont moins intéressé ne sont pas résumées ici. En particulier, la demi-journée sur le Cloud Computing est mise de côté, par manque de compétences pour les comprendre et ...

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