Exploiting a vulnerability in HTC One bootloader and bruteforcing the PIN/password

Wed 23 July 2014 by cedric


This article deals with the presence of the "read_mmc" command in the HTC One phone. Our target phone had Android 4.2.2 and HBOOT 1.54.0000. This vulnerability has been reported to HTC in February 2014 and has been fixed with the Kit Kat (4.4 ...

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A quick security review of the Uhuru Mobile demo ROM

Wed 19 March 2014 by kalenz


From February 23 to February 28, we had the opportunity to look at the demo ROMof Uhuru Mobile. Uhuru Mobile is supposed to be a secure Mobile DevicesManagement solution, including its own store, an application validation processall that on top of a hardened Android with protection against unknown code ...

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