IIS Backdoor

Wed 02 February 2011 by julien

In this article I will explain how I designed a rootkit for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).The question is: why a backdoor in a web server?

First obvious but useless answer: because we can.

Ok, let us give a more clever answer. The purpose of backdooring a web sever ...

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Thank you, Mario, but our printSeps() is in another castle!

Fri 26 November 2010 by julien

This post details the way Adobe patched the printSeps() vulnerability in Adobe Reader (CVE-2010-4091). You'll see that the way Adode fixed the vulnerability is quite surprising...

Very lately a vulnerability in the undocumented JavaScript method printSeps() of Adobe Reader was disclosed (CVE-2010-4091). A few days later Adobe released a ...

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Séminaire sur la Lutte Informatique Offensive (LIO)

Mon 19 January 2009 by julien

L'ESEC organise un séminaire sur le thème de la Lutte Informatique Offensive le 3 Février 2009. La journée se découpe en deux parties : les interventions de la matinée traiteront des attaques de masses, les interventions de l'après-midi traiteront des attaques ciblées. L'inscription est obligatoire pour participer à ...

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