And the winner is... KECCAK !

Wed 24 October 2012 by chrys

On November 2006, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) announced a public competition for developing a new cryptographic hash algorithm which would become SHA-3. The submission dead-line was October 2008. NIST received 64 submissions and announced 51 valid candidates for the first round in December 2008 and 14 (including ...

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Internships 2013

Thu 18 October 2012 by chrys

We have 3 open positions for internships:

  • Mobile phone bootloader analysis: this internship aims to evaluate the security of existing bootloaders used in smartphones by developing a bootloader debugger and a USB fuzzer.
  • Bootkit Windows 7: this internship aims to study existing bootkits on Windows 7 but also to develop ...
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