Internships 2017

Tue 18 October 2016 by Bruno

This year we have 5 open positions for internships:

  • Python code obfuscation
  • Bootkit TrustZone
  • Malware hunting in Windows kernel
  • Windows privilege escalation
  • Machine Learning for threat intelligence
Duration of internships : 4-6 months
Location : Paris (Issy les Moulineaux)

Internship 1: Python code obfuscation


The goal of ...

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SMM unchecked pointer vulnerability

Mon 30 May 2016 by Bruno


This article explains the exploitation of an SMM unchecked pointer vulnerability present in several firmwares. As this vulnerability is a memory corruption, it only applies to firmwares including the unpatched vulnerable DXE driver.

It first explains the SMM mode and some of its mechanisms, then the reversing of ...

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